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Natto BP Plus
Healthy Blood Formula
Even MORE amazing numbers below:
Blood pressure
then: 155/90.
Now: 125/65!
From 179/96
to 134/80 –
without drugs!
From 143/92
to 118/70 – in
two weeks!
Blood pressure
then: 160/95.
Now: 130/80!
“My doctor gave me two weeks and then he would call in an Rx for my 143/92 reading. Natto BP Plus® excelled...
reducing my blood pressure after two weeks to 118/70.”
–Lanette D., Foristell, MO


If you are one of the 76 million Americans who suffer from high blood pressure, thousands of IVL customers have really good news for you. You CAN get your blood pressure readings down into
the healthy range – safely and naturally, with NO drugs and NO scary side effects.

Their secret? Natto BP Plus™: a combination of Nattokinase, the remarkable blood vessel conditioner from Japan, plus four other breakthrough ingredients. Natto BP Plus targets ALL the factors that contribute to high blood pressure.

  • It helps keep blood flowing freely
  • It helps relax artery walls
  • It helps reduce fluid buildups
  • It helps calm inflammation
  • It helps balance blood lipids
    (HDL and LDL cholesterol and triglycerides)

And it does all this without harsh vasodilators,
blood thinning drugs, or diuretics.

Lanette’s doctor took one
look at her blood pressure
and reached for the phone.

Between her family history of blood pressure issues
and her 143/92 blood pressure reading,
Lanette D.’s doctor was ready to call in a
prescription on the spot. It was that important
to get her levels down to a healthier range.

But Lanette really wanted
to stay with a natural

She made a phone call of her own.

Lanette knew exactly what she was going to
do. She was already taking another product
from IVL which had taken 45 or 50 points off
her total cholesterol.


"My BP stays between 107/58 and 115/60. And I no longer go to bed fearful of a heart attack or stroke.”

–Delores S., Alloway, NJ

Delores’ blood pressure was soaring and her prescription meds were no help!

For many individuals who suffer from high blood pressure, drugs can be life-savers. But for others –like Delores S. of Alloway, NJ –they just don’t work.

Delores was taking not one, not two, but four different medications, and still her blood pressure wasn’t under control. “My blood pressure was soaring to 225/130 and above,” Delores recalls. “I was desperate.” Nothing was working.

Then out of the blue, a brochure about Natto BP Plus arrived in the mail. Her husband urged her to try it.

“I was willing, since nothing else seemed to be working,”Delores says.

She figured the worst thing that could happen would be that nothing happened.

And then, incredible news: her blood pressure started down.

“I was thrilled,”Delores says. “It bottomed out at 103/58. I was able to stop all drugs with the exception of a diuretic. Now my BP stays between 107/58 and 115/60. And I no longer go to bed fearful of a heart attack or stroke!”




Jack Grauberger
“The doctors kept increasing my [medications] to lower my blood pressure. After using Natto BP Plus for 2 months I was able to reduce the dosage and stop taking one of them entirely.”
–Jack Grauberger, WI

Different kinds of HBP need different kinds of help.

Delores’ experience is not unique. What works for one person with
high blood pressure may do nothing at all for another.

RENIN makes the difference.

Renin is an enzyme, produced in the kidneys, that triggers blood
pressure changes. Just about everyone with high blood pressure
has an unusual renin level. About a third of them have low renin.
In the others, renin levels are very high.

Too much or too little –
both cause problems.

Natto BP Plus
Drugs that work for low-renin high blood pressure flop when renin is high.
Natto BP Plus helps get BOTH KINDS of high blood pressure under control.

If excess water retention is causing your high blood pressure, flushing out the extra fluids is a great solution.

But if your renin-angiotensin system is working overtime, what you need to do is slow that process down. And your doctor may have to try several different drugs till he finds what works for you.

With drugs, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Natto BP
is a different story. It works for BOTH kinds of high blood
pressure. And best of all – you can prove it to yourself by trying Natto BP Plus, RISK FREE.

Just continue reading below to learn how Natto BP Plus can do what prescription drugs cannot .


Patricia H., Arnold, MO
“When my blood pressure hit 179/96 my doctor wanted to put me on blood pressure medicine. I asked him to give me a little time. He gave me 30 days. I ordered Natto BP Plus. 30 days later, my blood pressure was 134/80. No prescription medicine for me.”
–Patricia H., Arnold, MO

Worked so well his doctor cut his meds in half!

“After one month my blood pressure dropped to a point where my doctor lowered my dosage of my prescription medicine by 50%.” –Robert Miller, Weeki Wachee, FL

“Natto BP Plus has helped me keep my blood pressure normal without side effects. I love it.” –Barbara E., St. Petersburg, FL

The end of a vicious cycle!

Stress caused high blood pressure. High blood pressure caused more stress.

“Because of my line of work I am always under stress. Along with the stress my blood pressure used to be out of control. I had two mild heart attacks and a mild stroke. Since I started taking Natto BP Plus my blood pressure is no longer a problem. Stressful situations have no effect on me. Thanks to Natto BP Plus I’ve got full control of my life.” –Jean Merveille, CA

Fatigue – GONE!

“After using Natto BP Plus, the first day I was able
to work undisturbed by my usual afternoon ‘slump.’
The fatigue was completely gone! I was able to
accomplish more in one day with this product than
I do in 2 days without it! It was incredible. It also
relieved any desire for sugary snacks that normally
come when I get tired during the day. There was no
need to snack as my energy level had stabilized. I love
this product!”
–Vivien P., Faribault, MN




Dorothy Ely, Clarkrange, TN
“After surgery on my carotid artery my doctor recommended using nattokinase rather than usual blood thinners. Natto BP Plus® also helped lower my blood pressure.” –Dorothy Ely, Clarkrange, TN

You can’t SEE it. You can’t FEEL it. But you can DIE from it.

Experts estimate that one out of every 5 Americans with high blood pressure doesn’t even know they have it. It doesn’t change the way you look. It rarely changes the way you feel. But it definitely changes your prospects for living a long, healthy life.


That’s why it’s called the silent killer.

It’s why your doctor checks your blood pressure every time you see him. And it’s why, if your blood pressure is too high, he’s likely to prescribe medications to try to bring it down –even though those drugs can have some pretty ugly side effects.


Science is confirming what millions of Japanese already knew:
Natto works like MAGIC!

The Japanese have been eating Natto – or fermented soybeans – for almost a thousand years. They like the taste, and they like what it does for their energy, memory, skin and digestion. But it wasn’t till the 1980s that Dr. Hiroyuki Sumi, a researcher at the Univesity of Chicago, discovered exactly what makes Natto so good for your health.

The secret is an enzyme, nattokinase – a natural ACE inhibitor and blood thinner that breaks down and dissolves fibrin, the protein that makes your blood clot when you get a cut.


Thick blood and high blood pressure go hand in hand.

Now, a little fibrin is a good thing. Without it, the least little nick could cause you to bleed to death! But too much fibrin can make your blood too thick and too sticky, slowing down circulation, boosting blood pressure, and causing unhealthy clotting activity.

In one study of 12 healthy Japanese volunteers, consuming Natto reduced the amount of time it took to dissolve a clot by 48%.


Natto promotes thinner blood, relaxed arteries, and lower blood pressure.

Then in 1995 researchers at Miyazaki Medical College and Kurashiki University of Science and Arts in Japan discovered a second key benefit of Natto: it helps relax blood vessel walls to keep blood pressure low. In one study, systolic blood pressure decreased on average from 173.8 ± 20.5 to 154.8 ± 12.6 while diastolic blood pressure dropped on average from 101.0 ± 11.4 to 91.2 ± 6.6 – an overall average drop of 10.9% in systolic and 9.7% drop in diastolic blood pressure in 4 out of 5 study volunteers.

Scott F., Rochester, NY
“My BP went from 160/95 to 130/80 and I feel like a human again. Natto BP Plus is worlds better than my doctor’s prescription!” –Scott F., Rochester, NY

She was SICK of prescription side effects!

Delma D. has had high blood pressure for years. The pills her doctor had prescribed were keeping it under control, but she really hated taking them.


“When I read about Natto BP Plus,” Delma says, “I thought I would give it a try. Anything would be better than taking the 2 blood pressure medicines my doctor had prescribed.”

“When Natto BP Plus arrived,” she says, “I read the instructions and gradually halted the prescribed medications. This I did for 1 week, each day testing my blood pressure a couple of hours after taking it.”

“I was amazed at the end of the second week when my blood pressure was where it was while I was taking all the prescribed medications. Plus there were no side effects with Natto BP Plus as there had been with the prescriptions. Thank you for making Natto BP Plus.”


Prescription drugs work. BUT...
Side effects can include:

  • Listless, tired feeling
  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Cramps
  • Constipation
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Swollen ankles
  • Chronic cough
  • Fever
  • Anemia

...and more!



Patricia H., Arnold, MO

“My blood pressure went down. It used to be about 155/90 and now it is 125/65.”–Kenneth Thern, HI

It’s not a disease; it's a symptom

Your high blood pressure is telling you that somewhere in your body, something isn’t working exactly right. Maybe water is building up in your tissues. Maybe your body isn’t handling insulin right. Maybe your arteries are a little too stiff. Or maybe your kidneys are just pumping out too darn much renin.

Some things you can’t change.

It’s a fact that men, especially black men, have a significantly greater high blood pressure risk than women. So do people with a family history of hyper tension. And everyone’s risk increases with age.

Other things, you can.

Factors you can control include excess weight, smoking, drinking, lack of exercise and stress. Nothing – neither drugs nor supplements – is going to help much if you don’t take steps to neutralize risk factors like these.

But if high blood pressure is a symptom, this is one case where ”treating the symptom” isn’t just OK, it’s essential. Because this symptom, unchecked, can cause real damage. It needs to be controlled.


And when lifestyle changes aren’t enough
Natto BP Plus really shines.

It doesn’t matter what’s behind your high blood pressure readings.
Natto BP Plus combines five powerful blood pressure busters that target
all the varied reasons for those spikes, from water retention and blood
thickness to cholesterol balance and blood vessel tone.


Natto BP Plus gives you...
5 Powerful Blood Pressure Busters in
One Easy-To-Swallow Pill

Nattokinase is an enzyme that packs a one-two punch. It’s very similar to the enzyme plasmin, that your body produces to help control clotting and keep blood flowing freely through all your veins and arteries. And it’s a natural blood vessel relaxer, helping to keep blood pressure at a healthy low. Clinical trials have demonstrated Natto’s effectiveness. Participants in one 1995 study had an average blood pressure decrease of almost 11% after consuming Natto for just two weeks!


Bonito Peptides

Peptides from the Bonito fish have a natural ability to inhibit ACE (angiotensin converting enzyme) activity, working to relax artery walls, reduce fluid volume and lower your blood pressure. What’s more, when bonito peptides interact with ACE, they are transformed into a different, much more powerful ACE inhibiting compound –meaning a small amount of bonito peptide can do a large amount of work.

Three recent clinical trials revealed significant decreases in blood pressure in subjects taking bonito peptides –with none of the adverse side effects that are so often found with prescription ACE inhibitors.


celery seed

Celery seed is an amazing natural diuretic, blood thinner, and blood vessel relaxer that also has favorable effects on serum cholesterol levels.

Unlike other diuretics, celery seed doesn’t change the balance of sodium to potassium in the blood. And unlike conventional blood pressure drugs, it doesn’t reduce the flow of blood to the brain. In fact, it has actually been shown to improve blood flow and enhance energy production in the brain.



Acetyl-l-carnitine is essential to the process by which your body burns fat for energy. It protects your heart and helps keep it beating steady and strong. And it supports a healthy balance of HDL and LDL cholesterol to keep your arteries clear and your blood pressure in the healthy range.

In at least one study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, supplementation with l-carnitine was shown to help reduce levels of oxidized LDL cholesterol and increase beneficial HDL cholesterol levels in people with type 2 diabetes.



Cranberries help keep arteries flexible and elastic and defend against inflammation in blood vessel walls. And cranberries promote healthy blood pressure in a different way. According to researchers at London’s Queen Mary University, oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPCs) in cranberry juice inhibit synthesis of Endothelin-1 – a blood vessel constrictor.

Other studies suggest consuming cranberries can increase production of nitric acid, which widens blood vessels; inhibit LDL cholesterol oxidation; and increase levels of HDL “good” cholesterol.


Reynold C., Newport, VT
“In the last 20 years I’ve taken a large number of drug medications and this is the first time I’ve had control of my blood pressure in the near normal range.Thank you so very much.”–Reynold C., Newport, VT


Mr. Le’s amazing CELERY cure!

Dr. William Elliott was intrigued. One of his medical students at the University of Chicago, Quang Le, had described how his father, diagnosed with high blood pressure, chose to ignore his doctor’s advice and instead of cutting back on salt, put himself on a celery diet. After eating 4 ounces of the vegetable every day for a week, the senior Mr. Le’s blood pressure had dropped from 158/96 to 118/82.


Lower blood pressure –without drugs? Astonishing!

What on earth could there be in celery,Dr. Elliott wondered, that would have such a dramatic effect – and how did it work?

Making an educated guess, Dr. Elliott isolated an active compound in
celery called 3-n-butylphthalide, or 3nB. Then he and the younger
Mr. Le injected it into some lab rats to see what would happen.


His hunch proved out...
3nB was the secret.

Sure enough, it turned out that 3nB was an
effective diuretic, vasodilator and blood
thinner, relaxing the smooth muscles that line
blood vessels, reducing blood cholesterol levels
and lowering stress hormones in the blood.


Plus – the side effects were nil.

Best of all, they found that, unlike other
diuretics, celery does not alter the balance
of sodium to potassium in the blood. And
unlike conventional blood pressure drugs,
it doesn’t reduce the flow of blood to the brain.
In fact, it actually appeared to improve blood
flow and enhance energy production in the
brain. It may also have some effects on
areas of the brain that control vascular



Morris T., CA
“Your Natto BP Plus® has done for me what my pharmaceutical medication never did for me, with no side effects. My blood pressure has improved markedly.”–Morris T., CA


Prescription drugs have side effects. Natto BP Plus doesn’t.

Michael B.

Michael B.’s blood pressure medicine was driving him crazy. It made his shoulders itch. It made his legs itch. It made his stomach itch. He was one big itch!

Then he tried Natto BP Plus.

“I am so glad I learned how Natto BP Plus works,” Michael says. “Since I began taking it seven months ago my blood pressure is normal. Was I glad I quit taking the [drug] and began taking Natto BP Plus. Allergies are not a problem with Natto BP Plus.”


Patricia Lammers’ allergies have given her lots of problems with medications, including blood pressure meds. Not so with Natto BP Plus.

“I started Natto BP Plus three weeks ago,” Patricia reports. “My starting BP was 179/96. After taking two Natto two times a day my current BP is 142/79 and I have not had any bad side effects either. I am very pleased with such a quick response.”

Good blood pressure AND good sex!

Norman K. had a very good reason for not wanting to take prescription blood pressure meds:he didn’t want to have to give up sex. Fair enough.

Natto BP Plus takes care of your high blood pressure without the side effects of prescription medication,” Norman says.

Good pressure and a healthy love life: who could argue with that?

Ouida Dowis, Walesa, GA
“After taking Natto BP Plus for about 2 weeks
my blood pressure came down to normal. I was astounded and so were my doctors.”
–Ouida Dowis, Walesa, GA

She really didn’t expect it to work but...
Natto BP Plus made her a believer!

“I’ll tell you the truth,” says Gladys Williamson.
“I had my doubts about Natto BP Plus at first.”


Fortunately, she didn’t let those doubts stop her from trying it.

“My blood pressure was up to 200/90 and sometimes it would be
around 180/90,”
Gladys recalls. “I started on the Natto BP Plus
around May. When I would go to the doctor for a check-up, it
seemed like my blood pressure would be getting better
each time.”

She still wasn’t fully convinced, but she kept on taking it. Then in
September she had another checkup.

Her doctor was astounded.

“My doctor checked it and it was 120/80,” Gladys says.
That was almost too good to be true. “She couldn’t believe
that it was so good,” Gladys adds, “and I couldn’t either.”

So is Gladys finally convinced? Apparently so. Her final word?

“I don’t intend to be without Natto BP Plus ever.”


He had his doubts.
Natto BP Plus surprised him.

“At age 76,” says Joseph L. of Rockville, VA, “I learned long ago to beware of advertisements
that claim near-miraculous results for various health problems.”
But his blood pressure
had gotten to the point where something had to be done. As he saw it, he had two options.

“With my blood pressure climbing ever so slowly and having
reached a level hovering around 160/95,” he says, “I had a choice:
to either take harsh prescription medication or take my chances
with an all-natural herbal supplement. I chose to go with
Natto BP Plus and at least give it a try.”

His blood pressure dropped – and his liver is happy!

Like so many others – whose testimonials he had read with so
much skepticism – Joseph’s blood pressure came back down
to the normal range.

Today, Joseph says, “I remain pleasantly surprised. My blood
pressure has dropped and is maintained around 138/82 to
135/75, and I don’t have to worry about my liver!”

Catherine M., Crowley, TX
“My dizzy spells are gone.My cholesterol is great. My pressure readings have been ranging between 120/79 and 113/73. I thank God every day for Natto BP Plus”
–Catherine M., Crowley, TX

And healthy blood pressure is just the beginning!


It can boost your BLOOD FLOW
“My friend and I both take Natto BP Plus. He has PAD and has seen much improvement in his evaluation since taking it. His doctor recommended it and we won’t be without it.” –L.A., Shrewsbury, MA


It makes your blood “slippery”
“I ordered Natto BP Plus for two reasons. First, to make my blood more slippery so I won’t have to have bypass surgery. Secondly, to help with my blood pressure. It has never been high, around 135/75. Taking Natto BP Plus it went down to 116/59. My LDL, which had been at 130, went down to 63. After I ran out, my pressure is back up to 140/80. I’m 77, very active and am ordering more Natto BP Plus.” –Marv S., Baxter, MN


“Not only has it lowered my blood pressure but my cholesterol has gone down as well.” –Mari Elena Hendoza, CA

It might ease your ARTHRITIS.

Lab studies suggest celery seed compounds may
also help reduce muscle spasms, calm the nerves,
and reduce inflammation, making it useful for
people with conditions like arthritis and gout.


Like other pain relievers, it does this by
acting on prostaglandins – chemicals that
regulate inflammation, pain and swelling
as well as blood pressure, heart, digestive
and kidney function.But rather than
blocking prostaglandin production,
celery seed appears to improve the
balance in the prostaglandin system.




Pia O., Wilmette, IL
“My legs are not blue anymore. My ankles are not swollen anymore. My hands and arms do not fall asleep anymore. My blood pressure is normal and my heart pains are gone.”–Pia O., Wilmette, IL


What ELSE can Natto BP Plus® do?

It ended his ANGINA PAIN!
Natto BP Plus is a superb product. My angina has disappeared since taking it. Thanks for saving my quality of life.”
–Werner Adam, New Bern, NC


He feels like a HUMAN again!
“My doctor doubled my regular BP medicine, added another one and topped it off with a water pill. After two weeks I was dizzy, tired all the time and running to the bathroom. I tried Natto BP Plus hoping for results. My BP went from 160/95 to 130/80 and I feel like a human again.” –Scott G., Fletcher, NY


Helped him PASS with flying colors!
“I was concerned about my blood pressure. After one month, my blood pressure was low enough to pass my flight physical with flying colors. I am very satisfied with Natto BP Plus and plan on continued usage.” –James B., Bowman, ND


Heartbeat is regular. ENERGY is up.
“I’ve tried other supplements and nothing adds up to Natto BP Plus. My blood pressure is back down to normal. My heart beats regular again. As well, I’ve more energy than I’ve had in months. Thank you, IVL for your Natto BP Plus. It’s a life saver.” –David Hill, MN


“I’ve been using Natto BP Plus for just a short time but I seem to feel more relaxed at age 83.” –Mary Louse, Page, AZ


Put FEELING back into his feet!
“I love this product. My feet came back to life and I could feel my toes and bottom of my feet again. And my angina stopped.” –B.S., Placerville, CA



“I have only been taking Natto BP Plus for a short time. But I’ve seen a 4 point drop in my blood pressure [and] I don’t have those painful leg cramps at night anymore.” —Willie Mitchell, Spring Hope, NC


“I had a stroke to the spinal cord. My legs... are partially paralyzed and have very poor circulation. Taking Natto BP Plus gives me better circulation. My legs are not blue anymore. My ankles are not swollen anymore. My hands and arms do not fall asleep anymore. When I run out... all these discomforts come back and I feel sick to my heart. All together, I depend on Natto BP Plus. My blood pressure is normal and my heart pains are gone.” –Pia Orlep, IL


Made her BRUISES disappear!
“Poof! Gone! Those black and blue bruises on the backs of my hands that have been appearing with just the slightest knock. Love your Natto BP Plus.” –Mary Kunard , Poncha Springs, CO


No more CLOTS!
“George had a blood clot in his leg several years ago. I had noticed my blood pressure creeping up also. Since taking Natto BP Plus he has had no more problems with clots. And I maintain a normal blood pressure. We are very pleased with your product.”–Karen Wolf, Quinter, KS


Scrubs her arteries CLEAN!
“’With Natto BP Plus I feel my stamina increases and I experience
better oxygen circulation. At the same time, your arteries are
scrubbed of clots and debris and the sticky fibrin gets dissolved, so blood flow is eased. My bone density
increased and ‘Natto’ is known to help
your vision.” –Marthe G., Palm Coast, FL



“My readings have dropped nearly 20 points since I started using Natto BP Plus.”–Bernard Martinek, Ennis, TX

Natto BP Plus® will work just as well for you... or it’s FREE!

Dear Friend,

It’s downright scary. More than 76 MILLION Americans are fighting high blood pressure right now. One of them may be YOU.

The good news is that there is something you can do about it.

Thousands of IVL customers have already discovered how NATTO BP PLUS gets their blood pressure under control. I want you to try it, too. And that’s why I'm offering you up to 40% savings when you order today.

I am so sure that NATTO BP PLUS will work for you, I want you to take ALL your free capsules. Then, if your doctor isn’t delighted with your blood pressure readings, return the rest of the bottles for a refund in FULL. You RISK NOTHING. And look what you can gain:

  • LOWER blood pressure
  • BETTER cholesterol readings
  • MORE energy
  • IMPROVED circulation, SLOWER clotting,
  • HIGH immunity and ZERO side effects!

See below and order your RISK FREE TRIAL today. You’re going to love the way you feel!

Jay White

Jay White, Founder
Institute for Vibrant Living


“My blood pressure has been normal. There are no side effects. I thank God for Natto BP Plus.” –Rene Humphrey, TX


“My blood pressure dropped from 170/89 to 120/80 within two weeks time.”–Peter Sorpong, NJ


“The nurse took my blood pressure twice. She couldn’t believe how good it was.” –E.M., Lindsborg, KS


“I am at 101/73 without using any medication. I am a true believer in Natto BP Plus.” –E. Bennett, Uniondale, NY


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